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Planetary Head (Tri-Ten) Deburring

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The Abtex Three-Brush Planetary (Tri-Ten) Head deburring machine has been designed to produce optimal brushing action in through-feed applications. Three, 10" disc deburring brushes offer 207 sq. in. total of abrasive surface area, compared to 151 sq. in. with six, 6" brushes or 75 sq. in. with three,6" brushes. Further, independent variable speed drives allow for job-to-job fine tuning of the rotary head-to-individual brush speed ratio by the system operator.

We also have incorporated a unique, operator-friendly way to change out the deburring brushes on this deburring equipment. There is no threaded bolt or nut retaining the brush from underneath. Instead, the operator simply turns a horizontally located set screw to release or capture the brush via a "knob-headed" retaining pin. This eliminates the need for a spindle lock since the brush and center retaining pin need only be held up in their mounting position during installation and removal.

The Abtex Tri-Ten Deburring System design is the result of extensive lab work and more than 34 years of machine building and brush application experience. Our approach with all equipment is to make deburring machines that are simple in their design, but robust in their construction. The result is overbuilt equipment that performs reliably and effectively over the long term.

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