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Tri-Ten 4 Head Deburring System For Fine Blanked Parts

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  • This system is capable of deburring both sides of a fine blanked part in a single pass using 4- planetary heads.
  • Parts are placed onto the system at the non-magnetic start of the primary magnetic conveyor.
  • The machine can be either bulk fed (operator or robot) or fed directly by the upstream press.

  • Parts are conveyed under the first of two (upper) planetary heads to deburr and radius the edges of the top of the part. Station 1 to employ abrasive flap discs, Station 2 to employ abrasive disc brushes

  •  After the second (overhead) magnetic conveyor picks up the part, the 3rd - 4th (lower) planetary heads deburr and radius the bottom edges of the part.
  • The part then passes through the wash station and through the demag station on the final ("exit") conveyor before exiting the machine.

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Capabilities Brochure
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Fine Blanked Sales Sheet
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