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WX-Series Wet Dust Collectors

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The stainless steel wet dust collector excels at capturing combustible/hazardous dust from your plant air. The blower draws air through DiversiTech's proprietary water-tree baffle design, creating a cascading water effect that removes particles as small as 3 micron from the airstream. Dust is filtered through contact with water droplets and contained in the bottom of the collector for safe removal at necessary maintenance intervals. Water levels are automatically controlled with valves and sensors, including interlock functions to meet NFPA and OSHA codes.

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Item #

Item Name

Footprint Length (b)

Footprint Height (C)

Current at 230 Volt (V) Voltage

Current at 460 Volt (V) Voltage

WX-1200 WX-Series 3.0 Horsepower (hp) Motor Wet Dust Collector 34 in 86 in 9.6 A 4.8 A
WX-3000 WX-Series 5.0 Horsepower (hp) Motor Wet Dust Collector 47 in 109 in 15.2 A 7.6 A
WX-5000 WX-Series 10.0 Horsepower (hp) Motor Wet Dust Collector 61 in 117 in 28.0 A 14.0 A
WX-6500 WX-Series 15.0 Horsepower (hp) Motor Wet Dust Collector 67 in 129 in 34.0 A 16.9 A
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1