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Custom Gear Deburring System

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  • The manufacturing process leaves burrs in two different places on a critical, flat area about the size of a nickel, near the spline and on the gear teeth themselves.

  • Each V-shaped tooth needs to be deburred on all surfaces. Burrs in any of these areas would create expensive waste or worse, costly operational problerns.

  • Each gear would need to be flipped in the machine so the deburring brushes could do thier work- reaching every surface to be deburred.
  • The final challenge is to maintain high levels of productivity, each part would need to be completely deburred in 6 seconds or less.
  • Parts are loaded into the machine and the nickel-size flat surfacenear the spline is deburred.
  • The part is then flipped to present the outer-diameter teeth to the deburring brush.
  • The brush moves in a counter-rotation while the part spins. This allows the teeth to be completely deburred top and bottom and all facing surfaces simultaneously.

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·  Gear Brushing Station 1

·  Gear Brushing Station 2


Capabilities Brochure
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Multiple Powder Metal Parts
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