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GP-2 Deburring System for Green Powder Metal

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  • It protects your design -- removes only burrs, preserving base material; maintains each part’s unique geometry.
  • It saves money -- deburrs top and bottom of each part in a single pass, providing you the lowest per-piece deburring cost.
  • It increases efficiency -- deburrs green parts while they’re still inexpensive to work with.
  • It meets your exact need – brushes are easily customized for your specific parts.
  • It keeps up with your press and communicates both upstream and down.
  • It’s ruggedly built for 24/7 use.
  • It’s portable – built on casters for easy movement around your shop floor
  • It adapts to your individual lines – easily cranks up or down up to 10 inches for perfect interface with existing equipment.
  • Abtex designers are available to configure a solution for your specific needs.
  • Dust collection system suggested


GP-2 Green PDF
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Capabilities Brochure
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