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Tri-Ten Two-Side Flow-Through System

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  • This system is capable of deburring both sides of a flat part in a single pass without flipping it.
  • A magnetic conveyor transports parts under the first planetary head, which deburrs the top surface.
  • A second magnetized conveyor draws up the part and transports it across a second, inverted planetary head, which deburrs the bottom surface.
  • A third conveyor passes the part into a degausser that demagnetizes it.
  • The system can be expanded to include application-specific auxiliary equipment.
  • Alternative part fixturing methods can be designed for non-ferrous parts.
  • The system can be designed with multiple planetary heads in-line for extra brushing time to completely deburr parts without sacrificing conveyor speed.
  • Dust collection system recommended


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Capabilities Brochure
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